This week I was exploring Instagram accounts many higher educational institutions and had to pause when I got to UCLA’s.

@UCLA has a plethora of remarkable photos that made me want to stop and read. But what really caught my attention was their #MondayMotivation posts. Rather than the typical post featuring a famous quote with a pretty image in the background, they have taken it one step further; each post features a quote from a member of the greater UCLA community. They have made their posts noticeably unique and have incorporated into an incredible project called “The Optimists.”

What I love about the Instagram posts:

  • Branding: Each image has the same blue filter, which automatically catches your eye when you scan through their posts.
  • Quote: The quote presented is from the individual featured and has a nice tie into the post details.
  • Post Details: A snapshot as to who the individual is and directing the reader to click the link in the bio to find out more.
  • Link in Bio: Goes directly to that week’s #UCLAOptimist’s page. (I would love to see the click-thru rates they get)
  • Hashtags: In addition to #MondayMotivation, they also use #UCLAoptimist, but no others! They’ve steered away from the typical 11 hashtags that are considered the norm.
  • People: The people they use for their posts are actual UCLA community members (LOVE THIS); alumni, students, partners, and faculty.

Although their #MotivationMonday posts are not getting the same amount of ‘likes’ compared to their other photos, I’m a huge fan of their approach.

I encourage you to check out @UCLA on Instagram. They are doing a phenomenal job and I can’t wait to see what else they do!