1. Ask, don’t take:

Saw a photo that features your product or location and you want to share it? Take this opportunity to engage with the person who posted the image.

  • Like their post.
  • Comment on the post saying that you like it.
  • Send them a message asking if you could regram it to your audience, with credit of course.
  • When sharing, tag the owner of the photo in your comments.

2. Be social:

True story: Instagram is a social media platform. So, perhaps you should consider the “social” part. Rather than only broadcasting your images, take the time to like and comment on other accounts.

3. Interact:

Have people commented on your photo? Reply to them and/or like their comment.

4. Don’t be creepy:

This should be obvious, but people and businesses are still acting in creepy ways. For instance: Liking photos from 6 months ago, sending message requests that only say “hey” or “what’s up,” and making comments on photos that don’t make any sense. Don’t do that.

5.  Remember who you are:

Manage several Instagram accounts like I do? ALWAYS remember to check which account you are posting, commenting and liking from.